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A premium domain name gives your online presence the prestige of an address in Beverley Hills and that is why every month top domain names sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Since being founded in 1997, Azam have built a portfolio of some of the most prestigious domain names on the internet. We are renowned for our focus on quality rather than quantity and that’s why you will only find a small number of the most select domain names and established websites for sale.

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All our domain names and websites have been running for many years and our marketing gurus have invested considerable time and money marketing them. For instance, most of them have hundreds of websites linking into them.

Their pedigree and reputation will significantly boost your rankings in search engines and fast-track your route to online success.

Super Six Domain Names and Websites for Sale


Dating and Personals
Matchmaking website running since 2002. Short and sexy domain. Huge 58,400 results in Google!
Further details here.


UK Shopping Directory
Founded in 2003, this is one of the oldest cashback reward websites in the world.
Visit website here.

1Lit.com / .co.uk

Literature and Learning
Was a popular literary portal from 2000 until 2010. Extremely rare four character .com / .co.uk!
Find out more here.


Literature and Learning
Prime dot com domain name registered in 2000. Hosts a popular literary portal.
Domain/site details here.

AskGuides.com / .co.uk

Information and Knowledge
We bought these prime domain for several thousand dollars. Used for a shopping directory.
See the directory here.


Books and Reading
Registered in 2000, this is a landing page now but has dozens of historic inbound links.
Holding page here.

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